SciDye Marie Curie Radiation Poster
SciDye Marie Curie Radiation Poster
SciDye Marie Curie Radiation Poster
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Marie Curie Radiation Poster

In 1897 Marie Curie started investigating uranium. (In 1898 she coined the term radioactive to describe any substance that gave off the mysterious rays). In 1898 Marie and her husband Pierre isolated an element they called polonium (after Poland). Finally in 1902 they isolated radium. In 1903 Marie and Pierre Curie were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics along with Henri Becquerel. Winning the prize brought them fame.

Unfortunately, Pierre and Marie Curie did not realize that exposure to radiation was harming their health. Nevertheless, in 1904 Marie Curie had a daughter called Eve. Sadly in 1905 Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn vehicle. However, after his death Marie was offered his post as Professor of Physics at Sorbonne University. In 1911 Marie Curie was given the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Marie continued to research radium and in 1921 she visited the USA and met President Harding. Marie Curie visited the USA again in 1929. However, her health was failing. Eventually she was diagnosed with leukaemia. Marie Curie died on 4 July 1934. She was 66.

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